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  1. Yes website is no longer working. Which wheels are you interested in? Send me a PM with your email and I will send you pics.
  2. 22.000 NOK shipped to your door + paypal fees
  3. have a set 3 pcd Hartge if someone is interested
  4. Sorry momentally I don’t have any lips or barrels
  5. 450 Euro for the new one 350 Euro for the used one
  6. Please read first: - No silly offers! - Shipping will be 200 euro for each set - I can't ship as a gift! - The sizes are the only sizes i have at the moment. I dont have lip sizes! - The sets come as shown on the picture, if caps are not shown, then you wont get caps! - I will accept Paypal! - All wheels are split wheels if not mentioned extra. I'm selling a very big part of my wheel collection. Infos, prices and more photos will be added from time to time. Or send me a PM and i can send you photos via whatsapp or Facebook. - Breyton 8,5x18 ET6, 5x120 - 2000 euro - Hartge Typ C 8,5x17 ET13 and 9,5x17 ET25, 5x120 - SOLD - ACT basketweaves 8,5x16 ET24, 4x100, polished lips, gold centers, 1500 euro - Momo R1 17", 4x100 - Momo R1 17", 5x120 - NEW - OZ Mito 1 9 and 10x17", 5x120 - OZ Mito 1 9 and 10x17", 5x120 - Completely polished - WRD 17", 5x120 - OZ Turbo 8x15 and 10x15, 4x100 - NEW - ACT SX 17", 5x120 - BBS LM 18", 5x120 - Hamann 18", 5x120 - AC Schnitzer 8,5x17 et13, 5x120 - single wheel - AC Schnitzer 9x17 ET6, single wheel NEW - Breyton 8x17, 5x120 - OZ Futura 8,5x17 and 10x17, 5x120 - 1200 euro - OZ Futura 16", 5x120 - OZ Futura 8 and 9x17, 5x120 - ACT basketweaves 15", 4x100
  7. the hubcentric bore will fit the e39 but i never had an e39 so i cant tell you how it will look
  8. For sale is a very nice set Hamann PG1 wheels. All the lips have been polished, the stars got new paint, the inner barrels were painted and screws were polished. Its a straight set and since refinishing it has never been mounted. The sizes are 9x18 offset 6 10x18 offset 19 bolt pattern: 5x120 Price: 23.000 NOK shipped to your door!
  9. AC Nico


  10. yes this set is sold. but i will get a set type 1 in 8,5 and 9,5x17.
  11. For sale is a set original OZ Futura wheels. They come as you can see on the pictures in pieces. If you want i can get the centers painted and wheels mounted. Price for that service will be 3200 NOK. Hardware like nuts and bolts are included. Otherwise you can get the wheels for 13.000 NOK shipped to your door. I also have 2 lips in 2,5". Price for those will be 2500 NOK (one of them has a very small dent). Sizes of the wheels: 8,5x17 offset 13 bolt pattern: 5x120