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Coiler på s50b30 turbo????????


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er det noen som har noen erfaringer her. har fått hør at det ikke er noe tak i de org så da må jeg endten gå for løse og pluggkabler men vil hels unngå dette.

har prøvd å sende mail til disse folka men har ikke fått svar.

noen som har vert borti de her eller


The core windings inside these coils have been modified to increase firepower and promote a faster, more efficient burn. This gives your BMW increased torque in the lower range of RPM and more horsepower in the upper range. Exact improvements depend on the current condition of your BMW's engine, but you'll definitely feel the difference. They'll also improve your fuel economy. Plus they come with new spark plug boots, making them an even better value. Installation is a simple, do-it-yourself procedure that takes about 30 minutes. Instructions included

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