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Pc til bil selges. Ikke brukt. Kjøpt nytt i februar 2008.

1 of : 1GB DDR2 DIMM PC2-5300 RAM

2 of : 4-port USB 2.0 Hub

1 of : Automotive/Marine Grade USB Cigarette Port Replacement

1 of : M2-ATX 160W Intelligent DC-DC PSU [Accessories]

1 of : New Griffin Powermate Volume Knob

1 of : Panasonic Slot Load CW-8124 DVD-ROM/CD-RW Combo Drive 24x24x24 [Accessories]

1 of : Slim Line Type CDROM/DVDROM/CDRW Adapter

1 of : VIA C7 2.0GHz Processor Mini-ITX Express Motherboard J7F2WE2G

1 of : VoomPC-2 CarPC Enclosure

1 of : Xenarc 700IDT In Dash 7 inch Touch Screen VGA

Hardisken er kjøpt i norge, og jeg tror den er 120GB.

Dette kostet totalt ca 6000,-

Selges for 4000,- (kom med bud)

Se linker for mer info.

http://store.mp3car.com/Xenarc_700IDT_I ... on-017.htm

http://store.mp3car.com/Mp3Car_Custom_C ... cc-121.htm

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