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Racing/Gatebil deler Bmw


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Noen nye produkter vi tar inn.


BMW E36 (M50 Engine)

1. Real HP & Torque gains across entire RPM range.

2. Performance Crank Pulley.

3. The Construction use Steel-Chromium-Molybdenum (SCM).

4. CAD designed and CNC lathe Steel-Chromium-Molybdenum (SCM).

5. N/W : 2.35 KG

Pris: 2100kr


BMW E46 M3

(S54 Engine)

1. Real HP & Torque gains across entire RPM range.

2. Lightweight design Crank Pulley.

3. The Construction use 7075-T6 Aluminum.

4. 7075-T6 Aluminum and Hard anodized for ultimate wear-free use and smoothness.

5. CAD designed and CNC lathe 7075T-T6 Aluminum.

6. N/W : 1.80 KG

Pris: 1800kr


BMW All 6 Cylinder



Pris: 390kr


E39, E46 (6 Cylinder)

E30, E34, E36 (6 Cylinder)

E30, E36, Z3 (4 Cylinder)

1. Best performance.

2. 1.5 WAY, 60% lockup.

Pris: 10900kr


E36, E36 (M3), E46 (M3), M40, M42, M50, S50, S52, S54

1. Material : Aluminum 6061.

2. 1/8" PT.

Pris: 800kr


E36 : M3

1. Lightweight design Steel-Chromium-Molybdenum (SCM) material.

2. CAD design and CNC machined construction.

3. 1050 steel friction plate.

4. Dowel pin hole : Enlarged like factory-fit.

5. Quick throttle Response.

6. Faster acceleration.

Pris: 4900kr


BMW all manual type model (girkasse)

1. Perfect life time warranty.

2. Reduce Noise and Vibration.

3. Rubber Meterial / 75° Hardness is higher than OE.

4. For both Racing and Street Car using.

5. Perfect Smooth shift Handling.

6. Two 6061-T6 Aluminum Cover for Additional Strength.

Pris: 400kr



E39,E46,Z3M54E39,E46,E60,Z4S50E36 (M3 3.0)S52E36 (M3 3.2)

S54E46 M3

# Underdrive pulley for water pump, power steering pump and alternator.

# Increasing diameter of each pulley, it increase at least 6 ~ 12 HP. In other words, it's reducing the BMW engine HP loss. The light pulley allows the engine to respond faster, getting your car off the mark faster.

# The Construction use 7075-T6 aluminum was best choice material and hard anodized for ultimate wear-free use and smoothness.

# CNC lathe 7075-T6 aluminum "Lightweight Design".

# Let us know which steering pump's brand (ZF or LUK) suit for your M50.

Pris: 1900kr

Her er noen av delene, flere kommer.

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