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  1. Hey I'm making diffusers in Estonia and thought to share them here too. quality is as good or better than Fancywide. certified 3mm aluminium. powder painted and hand assembled. will probably ship in one piece and ready to go on your car. Talking about pictures, sedan has a middle size diff. only for appearance for a winterbeater etc. see also my google drive link for more pictures. 2200nok Red coupe has biggest diff. equal size to fancywide. 2900nok Wing: metal/aluminium mounts, attatched under bumper shocks to stock bolts. Wing deck can be made from Carbon fibre or glassfibre. (price depending on configuration, i can also alter the mount design if needed) smallest diffuser can be fitted to most carsmr2/is200/39/46/36/b5 etc. 1000nok. See more pictures on https://photos.app.goo.gl/nkz8rqyJ5V8pYSh7A (there are comments underneath the pictures of what is what.) Also can offer widebody kits for e36/46 For instance. Felony Form replica for sedan is 4000nok. consists of 6 parts with door handle holes. and is made from fibreglass. For coupe: 3500nok See more pictures: https://photos.app.goo.gl/ogaVPrPnhSE4Xdc4A also some smaller little things. m50/52 engine arms etc. https://photos.app.goo.gl/GtzLWhtHLN4Jfr1n7 Thank you for your time. info@wideest.ee