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Hyle lyd under panseret, oljepumpe?


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Har hatt en hyle lyd på bilen min på tomgang fra 700-1500rpm som jeg klarer og høre. Den er veldig irriterende selvfølgelig.

Men idag så tror jeg at jeg fikk lokalisert denne hyle lyden.

Og det høres veldig mye ut som oljepumpa..

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Ah så jeg er ikke alene nei, hehe, søkte litt på google og fant dette på e46 fanatics..

BMW service techs say 1998-2000 Z3, E46, and E39 models with the M52TU engine (9/98 to 1/00 production) may emit a buzzing or rattling noise at the front oil pan and oil filter housing support areas of the engine. The noise is most noticed during warmup with engine speed at 1200 to 2000 RPM and may appear while the vehicle is stationary or in motion. The carmaker warns, however, that this noise should not be confused with the VANOS switching sound, which is heard with the hood open when the engine is briefly revved from idle.

BMW states that the troublesome noise may be due to a resonance pulsation in the oil circuit from the oil pump. To fix this, a new-design oil pump has been in production since January 2000 on M52TU engines, and will be carried over to M54 engines. While the new pump eliminates the noise, it cannot be retrofitted to M52TU engines produced prior to 1/00. On a customer complaint for vehicles produced before 1/00, replace the oil pump with a modified oil pump assembly (Part No. 11 41 7 507 350). The modified oil pump assembly incorporates a restrictor in the pilot control orifice that dampens the pulsations, thus quieting the buzzing or rattling sound.

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