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Svindel?? Annonse på fin!! Eller kupp??


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Fannt ei annonse på finn med ein rå BMW 2005 modell mtech diesel.. Sto 115000kr i annonsa.. Den var skreve på norsk og bilen hadde norske skilt.. Sto at bilen hadde pant/heftelser, men at dei blei sletta ved salg.. Då måtte eg berre kontakte selger å høyre med han om prisen var riktig og då fekk eg det svaret her:


I am sorry that I am not writing You in Norway language because I do not speak it very well and it is better to write in English. If You are having problems understanding my message, don't hesitate to contact me but I hope the details I am giving will be easily understood.

The car is in great working condition, has no scratches or dents, never been involved in any kind of accidents and also the car interior is impeccable ( I do not smoke ). The engine works perfectly, all the services were done to at an authorised service. I can ensure You that the car is full operational. You can also see in the photos I have posted that the car is in perfect condition.

I bought this car from The Netherlands at the same time when I bought a holiday house there. Due to some financial problems I am having I had to sell the holiday house a few months ago. I did not manage to sell the car too when I sold the house because I did not have a lot of time at my disposal so I decided to take the car with me in England and try to sell it here in England. At this time the car is located in Middlesbrough, United Kingdom same place where me and my family live.

I have tried to sell it in here, but it is very difficult to sell it due to the fact that it has the steering wheel on the left side ( in England the cars have the steering wheel on the right side ). I also tried to sell it to a local dealer but the price that they are offering to me is too low. I have decided to sell the car to a Norway person because the car is still registered in The Netherlands and has Norway papers ( Norway plate number and also Norway certificate which means in case we will close the deal, You won't have to pay any import taxes). The car has all the Norway taxes paid.

If You are interested in buying the car, the total price including the transport taxes to The Netherlands country and also the transfer of the propriety onto your name is 115.000 Kr. I know that the price is under the market price, but it is a fair price considering my situation. As I am very busy with my new job ( I am lawyer ) I can not come to The Netherlands to sell the car there, I prefer to sell the car at a lower price then the market price and close the deal in one of the following ways:

1- The first option would be through a transport company ( they will transport the car and also handle the money / a company that ensures safety for buyer and seller at the same time ). After consulting with some friends, it seems that this is the best way to complete an Internet transaction. The name of the transport company that I prefer to use is Euro Alliance. This is one of the largest transport companies in Europe and they deliver the product directly to buyer's address. The services that they are providing are very safe for both of us. Using this type of company will give You the chance to inspect the car before I receive the payment for it. Through this company it will take maximum 5 business days to have the car delivered to The Netherlands and the car will come with 10 Days Return policy ( In case the car won't meet your conditions You have the right to return it without paying any taxes and your money will be refunded to You immediately).

2- The second option is for You to come to Middlesbrough, United Kingdom and complete the transaction in person by paying cash.

That's all I can say for the moment, but if You are interested in having more information about the transaction or the car I would be glad to reply with more information.

With Respect,

Michael Semsch !

77 Kader Avenue

Middlesbrough Cleveland TS5 8NH

United Kingdom

Annonsa var vekk når eg skulle sjekke finn.no idag:/ Ka dokke trur???

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Har sendt ett par mailer med han som har anonnsen for ett par mnd siden.. står akkurat det samme i de mailene som det står her oppe.

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Eksakt samme mail som har blitt sendt ut mange mange ganger før, i lignende tilfeller med utrolige "kupp". Svindel ja.

Bilen på bildene er mest sannsynlig en tilfeldig bil som ikke en gang er til salgs. Du betaler bilen, så er både den og pengene borte.

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