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M70 /750i/Aut

88 E32

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Fant denne:

Ser ut som den(M70) veier ca 20 kg mer enn en M30

Vekt på motorer

M40 81,0 318i E30

M43 83,0 318i E36

M10 B20 98,0 520i E12

M44 101,5 318is E36

M42 102,8 318is E30

S14 110,0 M3 E30

M20 B25 115,0 325i E30

M52 120,5 328i E36

M50 132,0 325i E36

M54 133,0 330i E46

M30 137,0 535i E28

M50TU 137,2 325i E36

M60 142,0 540i E34

S38 149,0 M5 E28

S50 155,4 M3 E36

M70 157,0 750i E32

S62 158,0 M5 E39

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