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Ok... I've done a bit of forum searching. For those that have 'i' or 'is' cars - you have two 'easy' stroke options that allow you to keep most of your existing hardware.

1. Get an 'e' crank, get some 'e' rods, and get some '88 super eta' pistons

2. Get an 'e' crank, use our existing 'i' rods, and;

a) Get some 'Custom' pistons.

B) Do the work that 86ETA27 suggests above to your 'i' pistons, if you can't afford the custom pistons

c) Find the 323i head from an '84 - '85 car, because this head had bigger port heads which meant you could keep the 'i' pistons.

Apparently option one creates lower compression - which is better for a turbo.

If you're not planning a turbo, apparently by keeping the 'i' rods is better (option 2), because they are longer than the 'e' rods, and will rev faster.

Those who have 'e' or 'eta' cars will most commonly create a different setup completely, because they need a lot of 'i' parts to bolt onto their 'e's --> intakes and exhaust and TB's just to name a few. Having said that, apparently using an 'e' as a base can create a slightly higher hp engine. But I'm on a budget - so I think option 2 is for me. Looking around on various forums it looks as if option 2 is capable of making around 40-50 more hp than the stock 325i (or 325is). I am looking at option 2b and/or 2c.

Opinions on the above would be appreciated??....

kan noen hjelpe med med "oversettelse"? hva betyr eta, e, og i?

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