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Sveisehjelp i Trondheim "Subframe Disaster.."


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Noen i Trondheims området som kan ta på seg sveising av forsterkninger i traversen? For en litt rimeligere penge enn verksted..? :)


1. Remove rear wheels

2. Parking brake off, car out of gear

3. Remove muffler

4. Disconnect swaybar bushings (don't need to disconnect the links from the control arm)

5. Disconnect ABS sensors and brake sensor

6. Disconnect the drive shaft and drive axles from the differential

7. Unbolt the differential and remove it

8. Disconnect the shocks lower connections

9. Remove the springs

10. Disconnect the upper and lower control arms from the wheel hub assembly, make sure the hub is supported with a stand

11. Unbolt the subframe and support on a stand

12. Disconnect the upper control arms from the subframe to ease the removal and clearance around the drive axles

13. Drop the subframe

14. Prep the four weld areas, through the undercoating to bare metal. You might need to disconnect the parking brake line supports next to the subframe

15. Mig weld the reinforcement plates on

16. Resurface the welded areas

17. Installation is literally the reverse process

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