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Noen som har prøvd dette? (rep sett for døde pixler fra ebay


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Fraulein Mona Walter får da bare gode karakterer av andre som har kjøpt denne rep-anvisningen,så det er gode sjangser for att det virker.

Men skal noen utenom Preussen få kjøpe den,må vedkommende sende en e-post på tysk for å bevise att han klarer å lese 29 tyske sider.

Prøv dette isteden ? http://www.cardomain.com/ride/240317/6

Eller dette : http://www.autopower.se/mekartips/mekar ... ?dokid=106

Eller send instrumentet hit http://www.instek.no/

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Klippa dette ut fra x5world

Contributed by: Eric

Instructions for removal and

cleaning of MID (multi information display center)(the in dash unit

containg the speedometer and tachometer) to restore pixels.

1.Remove 2 screws above tach/speedo with a T10 torx driver.

2.Pry out upper lip of housing with a flat blade screwdriver.

3.Disconnect 3 wire harnesses in the back of the housing and slide

assembly toward passenger side of vehicle. (Make sure steering wheel is

down and telescoped fully)

4.Place assembly face down on some type of soft towel and find and

remove the wire harness going from the speedo/tach assembly to the

module attached to the back. (Black plug at the top of assembly).

5.Push button on the bottom of assembly and slide the module sideways to free it from the front assembly.

6.Locate the five “X” type connectors holding the front onto the main

housing. Twist these connectors slightly so they line up with the holes

on the housing.

7.Press the four clips (2 on top/2 on bottom) and slide the assembly

out through the back of the assembly holding the front clear covering

(that covers the faces of the gauges).

8.Now lay the tach/speedo assembly face up on the towel and remove all

of the torx screws on the face (about 8-10), this will NOT allow you to

open the housing, but it will loosen it enough so you can get a spray

nozzle into the circuit board under the cover.

9.Spray any and all connections you with the contact cleaner

(non-residue/quick drying/plastic safe). Quickly dry the connections

with compressed air (be sure to hold can upright to prevent liquid from

being expelled)

10.Spray all holes and connectors and the connectors that plug back

into the dash board. I also sprayed the actual connectors in the dash

as well.

11.Reassemble the entire unit and make sure it is DRY before reinstalling in the vehicle.

This is what worked for me, it restored all of the pixels to 100% brightness.

Good Luck to all, BE CAREFUL!!!!


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