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Engine swap? Legal in Norway?


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Hello, i live in Norway and want to swap a n46b20 --------> n53b30  (e90).
Can you tell me what the Statens Vegvesen would say about that?
I'm wondering how much paperwork i would have to do.

Im adding a pic from bimmerforums.com where someone says you can swap antyhing you want as long as the car has been registered here for 10 years??? (I don't plan to swap brakes though)

In my country you can freely cross swap engines that came with the chassis ( for example E46 318-320-323-325-328-330) and you only need certificate/project if you plan to swap something from another car.


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As far as i know how old the car is has nothing to do with it, as long as you apply to Statens Vegvesen and get it pre-approved its no problem. However it`s a procedure as anything else in Norway, you will have to apply with documentation on the car - the engine - the swap - the new brakes etc. 

The reason its quite a few rebuilt M5 M3 and so on is price based, people buy a M3/M5 from other cheaper countrys ( Germany often ) and swap all the parts from the M3 in to an Norwegian registered 320i for example. This way it`s relatively easy to get approved since the chassi is the same, and you use original M3 parts. If you swap in an N53B30 you will have to prove in the application that you are taking the car ut to 330i specs ( Brakes - tires - suspension etc ). 


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The ideal thing is to contact SVV and create a dialogue with them before starting anything. They should tell you what kind of documentation they require for this swap to be approved, and probably the procedure as well.

From what I know, you need documentation from the car you got the motor from (if you bought it by itself), and you need to install any 330i specific parts (brakes, suspension etc.), and I believe you also need documentation that the chassis is the same for your car and the car you are converting to.

I think the engine needs to be newer (or same year) than the car, but don't quote me on that.

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