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  1. Lefton Lefton

    BMW 2000 Touring

    Price Reduced 55k . Unable to get car to start, havent tried hard to fix but it was working before i removed the starter and wiring and replaced due to bad earth! will PX for E30 or similar.
  2. Lefton Lefton

    BMW 2000 Touring

    i am based in stavanger.
  3. Lefton Lefton

    BMW 2000 Touring

    Hello, I have for sale a bmw2000 touring from 1973 with 70k kms. car is 80% finished restoration, have the parts to finish just need to sell it due to job circumstances. Status. Welded and resprayed in verona red. NEW: polybushes front installed rear not installed but included. uprated stage 2 ARB front installed rear included. Bilstein stage 2 shocks front installed rear included. Stage 2 springs Ireland Engineering Front installed rear included. Fixed camber mounts up front installed. new track rod's, tie rod and bushes. installed poly bush steering coupler. installed welded subframe to avoid crack in engine mount (common) refurbished interior looks brand new soft leather not like the old bmw hard leather! 3 sets of wheels 13''bbs 13''ronals 13'' starmags aftermarket exhaust. New discs and pads on the front and spare included. Status : car starts and runs, needs timing adjusted on rotor arm but runs and idles once warm. needs rear end re furbished (everything included for suspension and bushes. some other spare parts etc etc. NO EU test but i think it will go through with not to much work. Need to be trailored away, I have spent well over 100k nok on this importanting parts from USA so i will not get my money back but would like to sell it to someone who will love it and finish it up properly! Price : 100,000.00 NOK ONO. would also consider Part exchange for another car or swap for American truck (SVT etc)
  4. Lefton Lefton

    1973BMW 2000 Touring

    Figured out how to fit these camber mounts eventually! so simple but man i was confused haha!!! bit of a milestone suspension fitted again! if i hadn't ruined the suspension arms the other day. And a cheeky front pic since i still think its such a bonnie car from the front! (some cheeky poly bushes poking out below!)
  5. Lefton Lefton

    1973BMW 2000 Touring

    When i got the car into the lock up and gave it a good inspection it has a leaking sump, gearbox, dif and everything was looking a bit tired, no fault of the previous owner but i knew it was a fixer up car so i was quite happy as this meant i could buy some nice shiny new parts!! Full stage 2 upgrade racing kit and all new poly bush all over! Subframe stripped down Found cracked engine mounts
  6. Lefton Lefton

    1973BMW 2000 Touring

    Hello Bimmer.no people! i apologise in advance as this thread will mostly be in English is my Norske is Ikke Bra!!! Bought this car off a fine gentleman in Haugasund, perhaps he's on here? so i bought the car welded and painted but il add it to the thread as i basically have taken over the project half way through! See below the specs thus far! Engine & Drivetrain: 2.0L single carb M10 Engine 5 Speed Getrag 320i gear box Standard Open dif. Standard exhaust with aftermarket backbox -will be changed looks a tad chavvy Suspension & Steering Bilstein Stage 2 racing shocks front and rear. Ireland Engineering Stage 2 racing springs front and rear New strut top Strut top mounts Ireland Engineering Fixed Camber Plates. All suspension rubbers replaced with poly urethane bushes front and rear. New Ball joints. Poly-urethane steering coupler New Tie rods & Steering Linkage Ireland Engineering 22mm hollow front swaybar Ireland Engineering 22mm Solid Rear Sway bar Brakes: Upgraded Willwood 4 piston calipers front Upgraded Willwood conversion rear. Slotted and drilled discs EBC Street pads Interior Fully refurbished standard interior. Looking for a nice steering wheel currently Wheels & Exterior In process of looking! Resprayed in Verona red (original colour) Post Re-Spray Interior
  7. Best place to EU test my 1972 2000tii touring, it may need some work so I want to put it somewhere reliable and may be able to perform the work of a vintage car. I am based in Stavanger, Stavanger so garages would be best ... Apologies I do not speak Norwegian, so this is google translated since all of the forum is the Norwegian non english thanks