AC Nico

FS: OZ Hartge, BBS RS, OZ Breyton, other rare split wheels for sale!!!

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Please read first:

- No silly offers!

- Shipping will be 200 euro for each set

- I can't ship as a gift!

- The sizes are the only sizes i have at the moment. I dont have lip sizes!

- The sets come as shown on the picture, if caps are not shown, then you wont get caps!

- I will accept Paypal!

- All wheels are split wheels if not mentioned extra.


I'm selling a very big part of my wheel collection. Infos, prices and more photos will be added from time to time. Or send me a PM and i can send you photos via whatsapp or Facebook.

- Breyton 8,5x18 ET6, 5x120 - 2000 euro

- Hartge Typ C 8,5x17 ET13 and 9,5x17 ET25, 5x120 - SOLD

- ACT basketweaves 8,5x16 ET24, 4x100, polished lips, gold centers, 1500 euro

- Momo R1 17", 4x100

- Momo R1 17", 5x120 - NEW

- OZ Mito 1 9 and 10x17", 5x120

- OZ Mito 1 9 and 10x17", 5x120 - Completely polished

- WRD 17", 5x120

- OZ Turbo 8x15 and 10x15, 4x100 - NEW

- ACT SX 17", 5x120

- BBS LM 18", 5x120

- Hamann 18", 5x120

- AC Schnitzer 8,5x17 et13, 5x120 - single wheel

- AC Schnitzer 9x17 ET6, single wheel NEW

- Breyton 8x17, 5x120

- OZ Futura 8,5x17 and 10x17, 5x120 - 1200 euro

- OZ Futura 16", 5x120

- OZ Futura 8 and 9x17, 5x120

- ACT basketweaves 15", 4x100

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1 time siden, AC Nico skrev:

Sorry momentally I don’t have any lips or barrels

Ok thank. Please let me know if you happend to find a complete 3piece wheel or two. In dire need.

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